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"James, they’ve changed the regulations, the air boxes, the wings… Yet you’re still extremely fast. How do you do it?”

If you were wondering whether to see this movie or not, wonder no longer. See Rush. See it twice. It was basically perfect.

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A lot of artists out there especially in the kpop scene are so busy promoting that they cannot have time to do anything. I’m so thankful that I have this ‘extra’ time because I honestly don’t consider myself good at anything yet. This time has given me a chance to improve and prepare myself for the day when I will need it all. My dream is not to simply appear on tv and promote and be ‘famous’ but I want to become somebody who all of you can truly look up to and respect as an artist in all areas. SM has given me the opportunity to do all this, and for that I am forever thankful. Henry Lau.

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I missed this scene when I first watched the episode, when Dong Chan shifted his seat to keep the sunlight from waking Soo Hyun! 

love how he does it. It’s not a grand romantic gesture; he looks sleepy and tired but he does it like it is the most obvious thing to do ♥