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This! Okay actually everything leading up to this! I’ve made no secret that while I like Mok Dan and Kang To’s romance, I am far more excited by the dynamics of this relationship. It was actually a lot more fun to watch, when Mok Dan hated Kang To and loved Bridal Mask or better yet when there was a possibility that Mok Dan might come to hate Lee Kang To a lot less without having the easy way out that ‘hey he is bridal mask after all, so all his Evilness can be explained away.’ They’re sweet and tortured right now, because you know the world is leading up to World War II around them and then there is the creepy creepy evil creepy Shunji ruining things ( who by the way is so very creepy evil that it’s deliciously terrible and cringeworthy to watch!) But at the end of the day, they are kind of run of the mill romance. I don’t hate it and it makes my hero Kang To happy so I am all Yay! for it.

But Ra Ra and Kang To? Hot Damn! A part of me wishes the story was about them…because then it’s so much more interesting. There would be ambition and pride and conflicting world views and so much common ground and yet so much conflict. And the amount of tension and the possibility of using each other for their own ends while simultaneously liking the other person? Aish…okay so maybe too much evilness but it would have been fun to watch.

Also, Ra Ra seeing through Kang To’s bullshit and yet wishing it were true? Sigh, heartbreaking. 

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